On demand of our clients, Romlink Invest LTD provides flexible delivery models of the ordered products, surcharge on teritory of Romania:
– with own vehicles,
– with courier services.

Our ropes and cordages are packaged onto spools (coils).
Depending on the diameter and length of the product size of spools differ from one to another.

Distributors and partners
Gordius ropes and cordages can be purchased from our Partner stores and distribuitors present in most of the cities in Romania.
For finding a partner store or distributor please contact us on email or phone.

GORDIUS Laboratory
The purpose of our own laboratory is to continuously monitor and thereby guarantee the quality of our products.

Laboratory activities include physical and mechanical tests to verify product parameters:
• determination of tensile strength and elongation at break,
• mass unit measurement,
• elongations at different loads,
• exact product diameter.

Each production batch is subject to at least two inspections: at the start of production and at the end of the production process. In this way, we guarantee that the correct parameters of the product are set and maintained during production.