Nets for agriculture


Hail, extreme weather and climate, as well as animals are the biggest enemies of farmers. An ice storm (with an intensity that is impossible to predict) can decimate or even destroy the work of an entire season, but also the farmers’ plantations. It can cause huge damages.
The perfect solution is to use protection nets.

Protection nets against hail
The hail is almost the biggest enemy to the farmer and the owners of car parks, being an unpredictable phenomenon – it is impossible to predict exactly the intensity or when and where it will hit. A hail storm can decimate or even completely destroy the results of months and months of work in a matter of minutes or can cause millions of lei damage.

The solution is to use nets made of UV stabilized polyethylene monofilament yarns that are resistant to sunlight and weather conditions that provide protection against hail.

Protection nets against birds
These nets are made of very high density UV stabilized polyethylene monofilament yarns and are intended to be used to protect orchards against birds.

Nets for supporting hanging plants.
Plastic mesh made of Polypropylene, having a large mesh size recommended for supporting hanging plants.
It can be placed vertically or obliquely on intensive crops of cucumbers, peas, climbing beans and is the economic variant of traditional support systems.

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