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Colorful FLUFFY and SOFT types

Choosing the right cord for using as a handle on paper gift bags has a couple of characteristics to take in consideration:
– The color of the cord should harmonize with the final design of the bag. We have a wide range of color alternatives to choose from.
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– The structure of the cord is important from the point of view of the appearance of the bag.
Clients can choose between two special structures:

Cords for paper gift bags have a special tubular structure.

Fluffy type cords have a special structure: light but resistant. These cords can be tied very easily getting a small node, that’s why these products are recommended for smaller paper bags.
Soft type cords have a more compact structure: these cords have the capacity to return to original form and length. We recommend these products for bigger gift bags.

Cords made of natural yarn
For gift bags made of kraft paper we recommend natural cords made of Jute.
These products are packed in clews, size of these varies from product to product.

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